About Us

Our Vision

In the crazy year of 2020, Amber Weiss decided to follow her longstanding dream of owning a bakery. Sugar High is a local bakery featuring fantastic desserts, coffee, and sandwiches. Located in the heart of Downtown Belleville, Sugar High has fabricated the brand on two fundamental standards – quality and the client.

From breakfast to lunch to the tasty treats, Sugar High has you covered. Sugar High intends to serve the most innovative and mouth-watering treats, to help make your event increasingly unique!

When she was a young girl, Amber first gained interest in baking with her Grandma. Recipes that Amber still incorporates today! Then in high school, Amber worked at Schnucks bakery where she was able to develop even more of her baking creativity. Over the years while raising her three boys, Amber has made hundreds of cakes for friends’ weddings, birthday parties, and more.

Not only does Sugar High offer sweet treats and food items, but they also offer tasty coffee drinks. Amber measures, mixes and kneads her heart into each Sugar High recipe. And, most importantly, every product she makes tastes incredibly good. 

The first ones in town to offer you:


Please Call 618 418 4040 to place cake orders.